NSW Ranking Tournament no4                                 Venue Brunswick Heads Hotel 31st July 2005

Another successful ranking tournament with 27 players trying out, a predictable final result with Peter Watt winning yet again this time coming from the losers side to beat Geoffrey Atkinson twice in the final 3-1 and 2-0, however the positive out of playing Watty is that the players can see how far they have to raise the bar to be competitive, and it is plenty let me tell you. Some notable performances today came from yet again Tezza Stevens who for the 2nd straight tournament took care of the number 2 seed and current NSW rep player Damien Smith (who was sporting a very close new hairstyle, trying to emulate my own I am thinking however mine is permanent) perhaps a rivalry is developing there (2-0 to Terry at the moment, we will keep score for you), while on Terry it is fabulous to see players getting individual sponsorship and Terry is one of these and his sponsor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. are to be applauded. I did notice that “the whingeing pom” failed to appear for the first time, his phone ran hot up until tea on the 1st day of the 1st cricket test when our aussie boys peaked for 180 odd runs however strange as it may sound nothing has been mentioned since and to miss today ??? hmm 4 tests to go as well.

Good to see Geoff Atkinson find a bit of form to reach the final and I feel good having helped him find that form with a rather inept display against him in the winners side 1st final, after I had taken advantage of Watty`s severe headache and fell in against him to relegate him to the losers side for once, only a temporary reprieve however as he came back to trounce me to reach the main final (bugger those sudafeds they really do work). Have to say I had a sensational fish pot for tea and anyone travelling past Brunswick Heads would do well to drop into the hotel for a meal. Back to pool I certainly can waffle on, another great effort thie weekend was from local identity Dave Ostling, Davo worked his way into the semi final in the main draw only to be rolled by Geoff and in the losers side was beaten by Watty and probably a bit of inexperience cost him both games, well done Davo. J (chicken bone) Latta, Mel Malone along with her better half Wayne Worley also Dave and Tezza all performed well on the day, and a special well done to Ryan Cretan who was out early on the winners side but with grim determination (when all was falling around him with Manly getting beaten on the siren) pulled it all around and managed 14 points on the day. A welcome addition to our ranks today was from Lismore`s snooker handicap Final runner up Bob who potted great and will improve when he realises what a crafty lot we pool players are when faced with someone who can out pot us. Billy Crompton`s tennis elbow has cleared up and he pushed Mel to the limit to prove that even though he can`t back a winner his eyes are still great.

Next stop the NSW singles at Casino and although work commitments preclude me from being there I will be getting reports (unbiased of course) through out the weekend. So good luck to all competing there and remember, to take Watty out just get to the black first and pot it, simple. (why didn`t I think of that).

Cheers Poppy   

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