Brian Cameron - best lovingly known as ‘Poppy’

We are here today to celebrate the life of Brian Cameron - best lovingly known as ‘Poppy’ to all of his pool mates and friends.
Brian received his nickname from his pool mates and friends because of his fatherly nature and the respect that we all have for him.
I think it is best described that us pool players are really like a family.

Poppy was definitely the father figure of our family and many great friendships have been formed from this.
Many of us, within our family, have had the rare pleasure of meeting and getting to know and in return, growing to love, such a wonderful, caring man.


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NSW State Team Uniform

NSW uniform:

Team shirt

Men: closed toe shoes to be either black or navy in colour, black or Navy slacks. ( runners,sandals, cargo pants track pants or jeans are not suitable)

Ladies: as above, but include skirt if preferable. Shoes as above, but strictly closed toe shoes. Mary Jane shoes / boots are acceptable in either black or navy.